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  • Smaller beautiful Buddha from Nepal made of bronze and copper. This is Vajrasattva, the 6th Dhyani Buddha in addition to personal practice, the Vajrasattva mantra is regarded as having the ability to purify karma, bring peace, and cause enlightened activity. The Buddhas are extremly well made and you can see all the tiny details. With stone inlay on a...

    1 200,00 kr
  • High end and very nice sitting crowned Kharachheri also called Bodhisatwa Avalokiteswara.  Always decks with all sorts of ornaments. 4 armed carrying rosary in the right hand and full blown lotus in left. On a lotus throne with handpainted face. Also decorated with stone inlay.In mint condition. Bottom closed by a copper plate with a mark. Place of...

    3 500,00 kr
  • Nepal Buddha, Jambhala, God of Wealth, with stone inlay sitting on a lotus throne. Holding a rat in his left hand. Handpainted face. Bottom closed by a copper plate with a mark. Place of origin: China Material: Bronze/copper Height: 16 cm. Lenght/dept:   Age: 20th Cent.

    2 900,00 kr
  • Fine sitting Buddha made in marble with reddish patina. On a lotus throne. In a very fine condition holding a large flower. Place of origin: China/Vietnam Material: Marble Height: 43 cm. Lenght/dept: Age: Beginning of the 20th cent.

    5 000,00 kr
  • Rare Bangkok/Rattanakosin Buddha with a sharp nice face, sitting on a typical large throne. White stone inlay. Highly decorated. Sitting in a meditating posture. In a good condition Place of origin: Thailand Material: Bronze Height: 29 cm. Lenght/dept:   Age: 19th cent.

    7 000,00 kr
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items