Nestled in the very heart of Odense, - the birthplace of the great Danish storywriter Hans Christian Andersen, - you find the Mecca of fine and exquisite oriental antiquities

These rare pieces have painstakingly been collected over a period of several decades and the owner has during his many trips to the Far East development import links with local dealers as well as serious private collectors in Myanmar andThailand.

The focus has primarily been centred on fine and rare marble and bronze Buddhas ranging from the 14th to the 20th Century.

Beauty, rarity and aesthetic appeal have been key in the selection process.

A special interest and fascinating with the fine and intricate silver ware of the Orient has ensured that one of the largest and unique collections of Burmese silver is now on display in our Gallery on:

Our pricing policy reflects the fact that we have sourced our collection without the "interference" of expensive middlemen. Furthermore as the vast majority of our items have been purchased years ago, we can assure you prices, which hardly cover to-days replacement costs.

To complete our vision of promoting Asian beauty we have also imported a range a fine and very attractive semi antique andcontemporary lacquer wares.

We look forward to welcoming you to our small, but very unique Asian Mecca on Rahbeksvej 19, 5230 Odense M. Subject yourself to a real Asian experience in unique surroundings.

0045 2363 9551 - FOR APPOINTMENT.